My happy place


We spent a few days at my family’s country house in Kiln, Mississippi. What a treat. I’ve been feeling a little bit better! The terrible is toned down and I’m mostly just fatigued. I mean- there are other weird side effects going on too- I’m getting mouth sores, my digestive tract is whack, and my scalp is tingling so it could be any day that I lose the boy cut. The good days on chemo kind of remind me of the bad days of pregnancy; if you don’t take a nap when you are tired, you feel sick; if you don’t eat a snack when you are hungry, you feel sick; you are hungry but everything seems unappealing; you are tired, but it’s hard to sleep; emotional swings come out of nowhere; you don’t know if you are going to laugh or throw up. Basically your body as you know it has been hijacked- only instead of growing a beautiful baby, you are killing a cancer baby.


We had a nice “normal” weekend in the country with very little chatter about treatments and a healthy amount of bug bites. So far- the kids have been handling this like champs. This weekend they started playing with each other for the first time and laughing their little heads off. They were like “mom, we are fine, you do watcha gotta do.”


This is what my schedule looks like this week. Keeping this body relatively healthy is a full time gig.

Monday-  Oti’s first day of school. I have blood work, yoga, massage

Tuesday- appointment with oncologist, appointment with nutritionist, physical therapy/ pilates

Wednesday- heading into the shop (Tibetan House), visiting with my 96.5 year old grandmother GiGi

Thursday- chemo (5-6 hours), NAP

Friday – physical therapy/pilates, Neulasta shot, maybe some Jin Shin Jyutsu, preparing for 2-3 days of hibernation





One thought on “My happy place

  1. Ginger Worden August 29, 2016 / 11:50 am

    What a journey! I love that the kids have started playing together. They are stronger than we know!


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