Getting Things Off of Chests (figuratively and literally)

First of all, this is Sean, so please don’t expect any clever figures of speech or exceptional writing. Do expect typos.
Diana asked me to write a post giving a quick update. It has been a long day, but I am feeling relief. As I write this post in the spa-spital–where she will spend 3 nights–I can hear Diana breathing deeply, recuperating after a BIG day of surgery. Her snoring has never sounded so good.
Diana underwent two major surgeries simultaneously today: a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, using her belly tissue. Both surgeons are pleased with how well the procedure went. In preparation for surgery, Diana worked to get her body as strong and healthy as possible. All of her hard work paid off, as both surgeons commented on her health as a major reason why the results are so positive. I’m so inspired by her determination and strength. Nurses are coming in to the room every hour to check on her incisions, take vitals, drain fluids and turn the lights on. The surgery was a doozy, but I take comfort knowing that there is no more cancer in Diana’s body. We’re on the road to recovery.
While I have hijacked Diana’s blog, I want to say some Thank Yous:
– To my wife for being strong when I wasn’t, and for being vulnerable when I was strong.
– To my in-laws for loving me and showing me that family isn’t only about blood.
– To my parents and siblings for being in New Orleans and for supporting me and knowing me intuitively the way that only they could.
– To my friends (near and far) for listening and understanding when things got hard.
– To Diana’s friends (near and far) for surrounding and supporting Diana and our kids.
– To Otis and Luna for giving me hugs, for teaching me that my love can be limitless, and for making me smile every day. See, the thought of them just made me smile.
– To Becca and Allie (our wonderful nannies) for loving our kids and stepping up and being there for our family before we even realized how much we needed them.
I don’t think there is a family going through this kind of experience who feels more loved and supported than we do.
Lastly, this is my wife, and those are my kids. Just to say those words makes my heart swell with love. They are the best of me. IMG_5638.JPG

2 thoughts on “Getting Things Off of Chests (figuratively and literally)

  1. Carolyn Curry January 5, 2017 / 4:53 am


    What wonderful news. Bill and I were so happy to hear that everything went well in the two surgeries.

    Diana is fortunate to have such a caring, loving husband, too. I am sure she will get better every day surrounded by you, her children, her parents and other family members who are holding her in their hearts.

    Blessing on you all,

    Carolyn and Bill


  2. Bill Curry January 5, 2017 / 1:04 pm

    Good Morning Sean and Diana,

    One thing Carolyn and I have learned in 54 years together is that trying times either break the bonds of affection or strengthen them. In other words, we each find out what the other is made of.

    Tom, Dian, Carolyn and I have weathered many a storm as couples, but I daresay none as brutal as yours. We will never forget the few moments we had to literally watch you two love and battle your way through complex things that were so very personal. I used the word “Hero” with Diana as we were leaving NC, and I was neither maudlin nor exaggerating.

    You two have something that cannot be earned any other way, and in the final analysis, it will have been worth it. (Easy for me to say😇)

    Your supporting cast is not acting, but if they were they would own numerous Oscars for their performances.

    Thank you for allowing us into your circle for a few minutes-we will always cherish the memories, and will always love you with our hearts. ❤️❤️

    Carolyn and Bill

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